Kitchen Waste Water

This is perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to waste water management due to presence of fats, oils and grease that is non-biodegradable. A good kitchen waste water management system thus needs an easy user interface to extract the fats oils and grease before the waste water is channeled into the soak pit to be absorbed back into the receiving environment. This we achieve through a degreaser. We provide a pocket friendly solution for that.


Shower Waste Water

The main problem with bathe water is the sweat and soap that will find its way into the drainage pipes and the soak pit. Like we observed in the Kitchen Waste Water, we also need a user friendly mechanism to extract the slurry composed of soap and sweat before dumping the waste water into the soak pit. We have a world class technology to achieve this effectively.

Toilet Waste Water

This is perhaps the least likely waste water to bother you. Human waste is easily biodegraded through a Septic BioDigester that we install for our clients onsite. When we introduce enzymes, we ensure that the human waste is broken down and ONLY CLEAN WATER comes out of the Septic Digester.

Care must be taken to ensure that any on-biodegradable materials do not find their way their into the Biodigester.  They are the largest culprit that render the digester useless as they block the flow of human waste into the digester and processed water out of the digester. As the users, have strict guidelines on disposal of the following;

  • Diapers
  • Sanitary pads
  • Tampons
  • Used Condoms
  • Clothes forgotten in washing water
  • Stones
  • Polythene materials

As a cost cutting measure and for the sake of the environment, we apply simple distillation mechanism to purify the water for re-use within your property. 

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