Value Adding Services

As a way of adding more value to our clients we also engage in;

Doors and Windows Installation

We have a team of structural steel designers, fabricators of steel works and general engineering personnel. Our model allows our client to buy material we charge Labour. We specialize in design and fabrication of doors, windows, gates, pergola staircases, shops, warehouses, go downs, churches and halls, tank towers, sheds, showrooms, petrol station canopies, factories , bill boards, telecommunication towers etc. We offer the most competitive prices for the best quality.

Windows and Glass Fitting

Whether you are looking to make minor upgrades to your home or aiming for a more general renovation, there are numerous benefits to upgrading your windows and/or doors. By choosing the right replacement windows and doors, you can truly maximize your home’s aesthetic appeal; because these features are some of the most noticeable external elements of a home’s facade, getting new ones will give the impression of a well-maintained home.

Paint Works

Our team members are experts and experienced in wall beatification using paint and/or wall master. We also offer professional service in Painting. For estimates and execution of work, feel free to contact us.

Gypsum and Interior Cabinets Installation

We can also give you wonderful concepts and designs for Gypsum installation.

We are a leading makers and fitters of premium Kitchen cabinets, Wardrobes, Closets, Bathroom vanities & TV Units.


If your curtains are straight out of the package, iron or steam out creases and wrinkles. Remove the finials from the curtain rod and thread the curtain onto the rod. Depending on the type of bracket, you may need to place the rod into the bracket before replacing the finial. Your bracket may have set screws to keep the rod in place, so you’ll want to tighten them once the rod is installed.

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